Leisure Getaways Incorporated: Best Vine Vacation Destinations

Leisure Getaways Incorporated is a travel and vacation agency that enjoys creating unique experiences for vacationers. People come in many different shapes, sizes, and preferences. That is why a good vacation for some, might not be right for others. Your vacation should be tailored to your interests. If you are an enjoy-er of wine for instance, there are many different vacation destinations that can satisfy your most indulgent wine fantasies. Here are a few of the best wine vacation destinations:

Tuscany – There are a lot of great places around the world that claim to procure some of the best wine grapes. Tuscany is one of the few places that have lots of evidence to back up that claim. Many winemakers and enthusiasts flock to Tuscany for its rolling, fertile hills, and remarkable scenery. Not only is Tuscany home to some of the most renowned vineyards, much of the food and culture revolves around the drink as well, making it a wine lover’s paradise.

Napa Valley – You do not have to travel to the most remote, exotic regions in the world to find great wine. In Napa Valley, California for instance, is home to many beautiful vineyards that brag to cultivate over 50 different kinds of unique grapes. Each different grape lends a personality, aroma, and taste to the wine created from them. Napa Valley has been credited with the phrase, “bottled poetry” when referring to their wine.

Leisure Getaways Incorporated is unique because they pick vacation plans that best suit each individual’s preferences and desires.


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Leisure Getaways Incorporated has the kind of industry knowledge that makes them a top competitor in vacation services.
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